I’m Back!


So, I’m finally better. Well, pretty much. I’m back at work now, so I must be better, right? To be fair, I am pretty much there, not 100% but you know, a good 80% at least.

It’s very strange being ill for so long. It feels like I lost a month of my life (or however long it was.) Before I was struck down by sinusitis (that’s what I had), the longest I’d been ill for was 2 days; being ill for weeks was not something I’d accepted as a possibility.

It’s also incredibly boring. All I wanted was to be able to do something, anything, and that was exactly what I couldn’t do. Even writing made my head spin. The only things I could do were: read, watch TV and knit. Oh, I also played quite a bit of minecraft but even that made me dizzy. As a result I’ve read 5 and a half books and watched 3 and a half seasons of the American Office (I would have watched more but I was half-way through season 4 when I got ill and I ran out.) The blanket I was knitting has more than doubled in size and I’ve made myself sick of Homes Under the Hammer, which had been my favourite daytime TV show.

Now all I have to do is: pack up all my stuff; scrub my house clean, ready for the moving-out inspection, and arrange some sort of birthday and/or leaving bash/do. Oh and write, seeing as I haven’t done that for weeks. Might also be a good idea for me to make a start on my reading for uni, seeing as I now have a reading list.

Fun times.

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