On Prufrock and All That

First up I’d just like to say I’m not going to do a Friday Flash this week. I’m wading my way through the beginning of a mystery story for children and haven’t got far enough to be able to use it for a piece of flash fiction. You must know how I love to cheat by now. So, I guess you’ve got that to look forward to next week. Yay.

So, yeah, I just wanted to draw your attention to the new blog title and get some feedback on it. I was gonna explain it but then I remembered that the reason I hate science is because it strips all the magic away. For example, now that I know a rainbow is just light refracted by water, I’ve lost the sense of wonder I used to get from seeing them. I know some people find that knowing gives them a greater sense of wonder – and to be honest, I am this way with books but… OK, ok, so I didn’t think I could do it without being overtly pretentious. There. You happy?

Well, anyway, think of this as your opportunity to comment on the new title. Who likes it? Who doesn’t? Let’s have a good old fashioned argument about it, eh? Lovely.



2 thoughts on “On Prufrock and All That

  1. Good new title for the blog.

    Prufrock is a great poem, beautifully written. Thanks for prompting me to dig it out & read it again.

    Have a listen to ‘Afternoons & Coffeespoons’ by the Crash Test Dummies.

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