A Wasted Day

What is a wasted day? Is there such a thing? I’m asking because I was going to tweet something about how yesterday was a wasted day – or rather how I wasted the day yesterday. One of my 2 days off and I did pretty much nothing. Managed my half an hour of writing but I had no ideas so just did automatic writing for half an hour. It didn’t produce anything good. So I went to bed early and got up early (about 8.30) to make use of today. Trouble is, I still don’t have any motivation.

It’s just, I feel like anything I write today will be shit. I’ll do my half an hour but that’s it. So I could do some housework – it’s my turn to wash up but anything I clean today is just gonna get dirty again tomorrow. So what’s the point?

Wow I am whiney today.

So did I waste the day yesterday? If I felt better today I could probably say no – I needed to recharge or some such nonsense but I guess I haven’t even done that. So I’m gonna go with yes. I did. Nothing I can do about it now though. Just have to try to not let it happen today.

Anyone else been wasting any days recently? Better than empathy – anyone got any tips on how to avoid it?


2 thoughts on “A Wasted Day

  1. Everyone has wasted days, some of us more than others. I can’t say I don’t have wasted days myself, honestly I have quite a few, but I am trying to remedy that. First and foremost to avoid a wasted day you must have motivation…if you’re not motivated, very little is going to get done. I sometimes find it difficult to motivate myself, especially of a morning, and if I don’t find my motivation then, usually the entire day goes to waste. I’ve started a workout program that I do of a morning, and I try to ensure I eat breakfast as well, both of these things a very helpful for me during the day, to get me started and focused.

    Inspiration…motivation without inspiration usually leads to work that is unfeeling and without emotion; one must be inspired.

    Focus. Now focus can be difficult, but I find having a schedule and trying to stick to it actually helps improve focus. By having breakfast and doing my workout first thing in the morning, I’ve already started my schedule, and so my body and mind start to go through the motions and so as the day progresses, I find myself more focused on the tasks I have ahead of me. I have to push myself of a morning, but then I seem to fall into the rhythm that is my life.

    Discipline. Discipline is hard becuase there are days when I would prefer to just stay in bed, or skip parts of my schedule, and then I find the rhythm that I have created for myself has gone awry. One must discipline themselves if they wish to not have wasted days, and this is something that I am still working on.

    Flexibility. You do not want to become an automoton, and schedules can not be permanently fixed, so flexibility is important. While trying to maintain a high functioning day, you also want to keep enough flexibilty for unexpected problems that may arise, or shifts in schedule, or new projects…you want to be able to adapt to changes without it being a blow to your rhythm.

    Equalibrium. Maintaining a balance that is not overwhelming but is still challenging. Pushing yourself too hard can reduce your creativity, so if such days occur, counteract it by finding inspiration, or by meditating. I’m a writer, so if one day I happen to be uninspired or unmotivated, I try to intake things that will inspire me, like watching movies that evoke the same emotions as what I am trying to portay in my writing, or I try outlining my work or another work. I try to fill that space that would be wasted time otherwise.

    Anyways, I hope this was helpful. I’m still in the process of trying to eliminate those wasted days from my life, but this is the analysis I’ve made on how to accomplish that.

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