I’ve Gone for Boudicca

…For my next ACW (Academy of Children’s Writers) assignment on non-fiction. It’s much tougher than I expected. Really struggling here. I even did housework yesterday to avoid it. I haven’t done any assignments for a long long time, which means I haven’t tried writing for children for a long long time. The last time I wrote non-fiction would have been an essay for uni. We’re talking 3 years ago.

I’ve written the supposedly 250 word (186 in my reality) synopsis and a chapter-by-chapter outline. Now I’ve got to produce the first 1,000 words of the non-existent non-fiction book: Boudicca the Warrior Queen.

I attempted to start in the library a few days ago. It wasn’t the best writing experience because only the bottom floor was open so no chairs and desks tucked away in corners, just ‘comfy’ chairs facing the room. Also some unusual guy sat next to me and read aloud then asked me what I was writing. Suffice to say I didn’t feel comfortable enough to get into ‘the zone’. (You all remember ‘the zone’, right? If you don’t, search my site for it – was a rather in-depth post.)

Let’s see how I get on…

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