A Blogger’s Cry For Help (of sorts)

So apparently I have forgotten about Friday Flashing for the last few weeks. Not sure what’s going on there. I did spend last Friday convinced it was Wednesday but still. Anyhoo it got me thinking. Do I need to do it every week? Should I feel guilty for missing one (or three)? Well, should I?

I guess it could lose me readers. Is anyone disappointed that I haven’t posted one in a while? Will it stop anyone coming back? We’ll never know because you won’t be back to say.

Why even write a blog? To gain a following? I haven’t even written a novel, yet. Like any readers of this blog will buy my book in, what, 10 years time. It’s unlikely. So why then? To share my unique thoughts and feelings? They’re not so unique. Most of what I blog is just fluff. Most of my friday flashes are mediocre at best. That’s not because my writing is generally mediocre but more because I feel forced to do it so I just sort of fling something out there, anything, as long as it’s a Friday flash.

Besides, blogging takes up writing time I could use to, I don’t know, write a novel. So, why should I do it?

I’m going to do what any modern person with a question would do. Ask google.

Google’s got answers but nothing new. It’s all: to build a platform; to engage with your readers; to get involved in the writing community.

I guess the problem is I don’t really feel that I’m managing any of those things. Perhaps that’s because my blog isn’t that good. It’s probably OK but just nothing new or special. Maybe the solution isn’t to give it up but to do it better.

I want to write professionally – to make a living through it. So maybe I should start treating my writing as a profession, not a hobby. (To be fair, it isn’t really either. It’s just another thing I should be doing. Feel the passion.) My writing is my business. This blog should be like one big advert for it. That’s why other types of businesses have blogs, right?

Hm, I feel an overhaul coming on.

Anyone else feel like this from time to time? Come on, fellow bloggers, tell me: why do you blog?


9 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Cry For Help (of sorts)

  1. I do it to find other writers and build a group of proofreaders and editors that will critique each other’s work.

    Secondarily, my blog is to gain exposure. A writer needs a presence and to have that image reach back far before a book is ever published is actually a good thing. It lets future readers have a glimpse at the thoughts which originated the work they like and it gives those that have been with you since the start of your blog a special feeling when you become something more than what you were.

    Make friends, network, create a fan-base with smaller writing that will lead into your larger works, that’s what a writer’s blog is all about… to me, at least.

    • Cheers Aaron. I have to say I have met some great people through the online writing community. All right, you’ve swayed me. The blog stays. But it does need a bit of a refurb. Comments and suggestions for this would be more than welcome. I’m hungry for some sweet, sweet feedback.

      • I’m glad. Just keep posting. I’ve subscribed and will do my best to keep up. I love reading other writer’s works. It’s a shame I didn’t catch you before May. I took part in the Story A Day challenge and the effort it took was exhilarating. I think you might have enjoyed it, even in spite of the trouble you talk about in this post.

  2. I blog because that’s the way that I can say what needs to be said with out having to care what everyone else thinks. I blog because sometimes I have no one else to tell and if I write it out I feel some sense of relief. I blog because I can impact people around me. I blog because I love it! 🙂

  3. I blog to practice writing and to say the things I don’t want people I know to find out about me… for some reason the solution to that is tell potentially 6 billion other people.

    It helps to slow my thoughts down, and I like to write in such a way that it is entertaining or inspiring to others.

    There’s my 2 cents.

    • I want to do that but people I know keep stumbling across my blog so it’s not really an option for me. I guess I’m paranoid that the wrong person might decide to read that post. It’s unlikely but I can’t shake off that fear.

      It’s inspiring that both you and purleydot blog just for yourselves with no ulterior motive.

  4. To be honest, I don’t really think about platform since I don’t have a book out. I look at blogging more as a way to connect to other writers, and keep in touch. I started blogging as an outlet for talking about writing and the craziness of a writer’s life, because I had no one else to share this with. I didn’t expect anyone to find my blog, but it’s nice having a corner of the net to myself, I guess!

    My advice? Blog if you enjoy it, and blog about whatever you like. Like minded people will find you. 🙂

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