Return of the Mac

So I have returned from sometimes sunny Scotland. It’s been a bit of an odd trip, to be honest. First, we went to a mountain biking event: the Fort William World Cup. I have no interest whatsover in mountain biking. Second I went with my boyfriend, two of his friends and the girlfriend of one of them. I have a fair amount in common with one of the friends – enough to talk to him but very little with the other and his girlfriend. It’s not that we don’t get on or like each other, we just know that we are very different. The friend is science-and-maths-y. I am humanities-and-arts-y. They are both very outdoorsy – they spend their spare time mountaineering and camping. I am not outdoorsy. I’d like to be and I do like going for walks in the country and all that but I hate scrambling down mountain sides. I’m terrified of falling. I don’t mind scrambling up them, it’s down I can’t do. I don’t even like stairs. Third, the other big side of the event was photography (apparently mountain biking and photography go hand-in hand. Who’d have thought?) Now, I am interested in photography – I like taking and looking at photos but it’s not high up in my priorities so I’ve never learned how to use a proper camera. Besides, I forgot to take my little ‘point and shoot’ digital so I couldn’t take part in that side of things. These were the three threads that held the group, rather tentatively, together. As a result, I didn’t fit in with the group dynamic. It was an odd feeling.

Still, I do love Scotland. The mountains, the lochs, the food, the accent. And I did enjoy watching the finals – cheering on every rider for whatever reason the commentator could think of. And the weather was pretty good – only rained on Sunday night and very hot and sunny on Friday – I even caught the sun a little.

And that’s all that matters, right? Getting a tan. What else do people go away for?

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