Oh For A Normal Week

So I missed Friday Flash last week. I had a crazy Friday on top of an already crazy week. You remember me moaning about only once having more than 11 hours between shifts? Well Friday was meant to be my easy day – 12-3 followed by a hair-cut at 3.15pm. Trouble is, 3 other members of kitchen staff ate at the same dodgy kebab/pizza place and got food poisoning. So I went to work for my 12-3, ran off for my hair cut and got back by 5 (apparently a hair cut takes that long.) I was there til 9.30, got home absolutely shattered and kinda just collapsed.

Then on Saturday I went to London to meet up with some old uni friends then had to rush back to Norwich because I had tickets for PlayFest, which was, of course, the same weekend.

Next I’m jetting off to Scotland on Thursday for a sort of mini-holiday with my boyfriend and his mates. I should be excited but I’ve just had too much interruption of my normal week – my bro coming up, Joe’s dad coming up, me going to London and PlayFest. Honestly, I just want a normal week. Settle into a normal routine, you know? I’m looking forward to getting back to that. More than the holiday, itself.

Bit of an odd confession but there we go.

Oh and the hair-cut is the best I’ve ever had. Took so long because this hairdresser/salon owner is a perfectionist (it’s what you want in a hairdresser, right?) The guy was like an italian hair-artist. He knew what to do to my hair and didn’t really give me a say. Still – it turned out great so that’s all the matters. I was a tad creeped out when he said he’d look after me from now on and would be watching to see when I needed another hair cut. Also, he wants to give me highlights and lowlights and I’m really not a fan of stripy hair. I would just avoid walking past but my boyfriend managed to get some kinda deal where I get 3 appointments – cut, colour and some kind of tarting up for £45 so I’m gonna have to go back and I’m gonna have to get it coloured somehow. Ho hum.


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