Work, Work, Work and Feminism

Just popping by in what would appear to be my only free-time this week. What with by bro coming up last week and me going to London and Play Fest this weekend, all my time off from work has kinda been swallowed up. Also, I appear to only have one day with more than the legally-required 11 hours between shifts. (That day is today, obviously.) It’s very depressing to have no time for anything other than sleep, food, uniform laundry and work. Oh and my boyfriend’s dad’s coming up tonight so I had to spend this morning cleaning and washing up. I’m sure you can imagine the state a house gets in when the (unofficial) housekeeper is working elsewhere all the time.

Sorry about that almost little dig – I’ve been reading the feminist edition of Granta. Mostly I think the really feminist stories are extreme and rather out-of-date – it’s not really like that any more – so black and white but maybe it’s having the old ‘drip drip’ effect on me – might explain why I’ve been moody with Joe and fighting with him a lot. (I’m so repressed!) or that might be the lack of more than 11 hours between shifts. Whoever made that law is my saviour. Gotta love that law – it’s def one of my favs. Right up there with rape is illegal, even if you’re married. (Woah there, inner feminist. Chill out.)

I’m gonna stop there – before I start writing that all men are evil.

I’d like to add that I do consider myself a feminist but only in the sense that I believe men and women should be treated equally (not necessarily the same, though, I do think there are some general differences – other than physical – and of course there are exceptions to this but you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just treat every person as an individual who is neither superior nor inferior to you. Unless, you know, they’re your boss or someone famous or rich. Obviously those people are far superior to everyone else. And chavs are inferior. We all know that.) Removing my tongue from my cheek, now, I also think a relationship should be a partnership – obviously the two people will have different strengths and that’s fine but you’ve got to meet each other half-way, you know? Share any loads. Communication is vital for this. Men aren’t monsters and women aren’t victims. There’s no need to dehumanise either sex in this manner. We’re all just people trying to live our lives and fit into each other’s. Right?


3 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work and Feminism

  1. Tracksuits and bling cost money. Manners do not. It’s not about class or wealth. And who has a problem with people in low-paid jobs? It’s people who don’t work and have no intention of getting a job that are the problem. People who’d rather just sit in a pub all day and drink away their benefits money. And these people are not a myth created by the upper classes to fear and sneer at. Where I work, they’re called regulars.

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