The men always look at the watches. I guess there isn’t much else for them to look at, though. But then why stop to look at all. None of them are going to buy anything. This guy certainly isn’t but he’s having a good look anyway. How do I know he isn’t? Maybe he is. Nar – he’s in browsing mode – I can tell.

Check out those shoes, though. They are awesome shoes. Don’t seem to quite fit with everything else he’s wearing although they don’t clash exactly. They look expensive and he just doesn’t seem the kind of man who would spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes. Maybe they were a present. His high-flying, successful business-man of a son got them. He’s in London, now, making his fortune. Looking rich and smart is part of his job – he has to look the part – so he knows the best designers. They’re not really the man’s style but he wears them anyway because they’re not impractical and they are very comfortable, not to mention high-quality.

But now his son’s birthday is coming up. What on earth could he get him? It’s gonna have to be expensive because of the shoes. Maybe a watch? But which one? It has to be stylish. Whichever he gets will probably be wrong. His son won’t say it, not to him; he just won’t wear it. Seems foolish to spend so much money on something that won’t be used. Have to get something, though. A watch is the best idea he’s got. It’s the only idea he’s got. But which watch?

Right, I’d better go. Can’t sit here people-watching all day. Clock’s ticking and all that. Or should that be ‘the watch is ticking’?


3 thoughts on “Watch

  1. The thing I like about this is the conversational nature you gave the voice, which seems like someone ‘killing time’ in their own way. I don’t know if that was your intention, but I find it effective. Love the peep into these internal observations.

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