Minecraft: The Ultimate Time-Drain

I’ve heard people say that twitter is a time-drain. Well, twitter’s time-draining abilities have nothing on Minecraft. I’m not a ‘gamer’ (I don’t have time for such nonsense) but when my brother came to visit, somehow he and my boyfriend managed to get me hooked. Me and my bro played for 4 hours solid. We were completely oblivious to the passage of time. Perhaps time passes more quickly in Minecraft than in reality. Or maybe it was just that fun. I don’t know. Either way, it pretty much ruined our plans for the day. Everything was shut by the time we escaped. We went for a wander in a park where there was part of an exhibition going on called Spontaneous City (part of the Norwich and Norfolk Festival – or is that Norfolk and Norwich? Who knows?) so we did get out of the house. But still. We had stuff planned. Minecraft ate all our time for said stuff. Cheers Minecraft, you big fat time-eater.

At first, I have to confess, I shunned my boyfriend and brother for getting swept away by Minecraft for hours at a time. I ripped into it for the graphics and apparent lack of aim. Now I’ve started playing it, I realise that this is part of its charm. You can do what you want, where you want, when you want (as long as it’s day time – the zombies come at night…). In fact, it’s basically just a big world to play with and create in. I refused to believe how much fun you can have mining and building, until I was.

So how is it that I’m escaping its clutches as we speak? Well, I’m cooking dinner, which means even though I am spending time witnessing it, I’m not getting involved since I have to keep removing myself to check on the potatoes. (They’re crisping up nicely, by the way.)

Thing is, though, I’m considering downloading it onto my laptop…

Probably a bad idea, right?


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