A.V. and Other Stuff

I am gutted about A.V. I’m also in a state of disbelief. Honestly don’t know how it didn’t get voted in. Just seems like the obvious right choice to me – really don’t get why you’d vote against it. Maybe people are afraid of change. I don’t know. But the current system isn’t working. The one benefit of F.P.T.P. is that you don’t get coalitions and hung parliaments, right? And what do we have now? A coalition. So clearly that one benefit is pretty much null and void. Right? I just don’t get it.A.V. is fairer – it produces a government that represents what the electorate want on a greater scale. I’ve seen so many explanations of why it’s better on the web – videos and what-not and I’ve seen nothing on why F.P.T.P. is better. I just hope the people who voted against A.V. are happy to be stuck with F.P.T.P. for a long, long time because they’ve enabled the government and all future governments to always use this as an excuse to not change the voting system. So, well done, you’ve given them justification for only caring about staying in power and not caring about what is good for the country. If you voted because of a grudge against Nick Clegg, then this applies to you most of all. Grow up and stop being so petty.

Mini-rant over. The other stuff is mainly ShoStoWriMo – I’ve completed and posted my first draft so am on target, I guess. Yay for me.

I think there was something else but I can’t remember what. Also, I’m gonna be late for work if I don’t leave soon. I missed my eating window for you. I hope you understand the significance of this and are grateful. I’m gonna have to buy food at work, too. So, thanks ants….Thants.


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