Tulip on an Open Antique Book by Tony Ramos

So it’s May, which I’ve heard is the National Short Story Month (although I’m beginning to wonder which nation – I have a suspicion it’s America not England but hey I don’t want to be left out of the fun just because I don’t have an annoying accent. Would just like to add, here, I love the Baltimore accent – part of the reason I watch Ace of Cakes – but other than that…)

So, some bright spark had the idea of doing a ShoStoWriMo, similar to NaNoWriMo only, well, you know Sho Sto (short stories) not Na No (national novel. Hmm didn’t quite work…) Moving on – I’ve decided to take part in this venture. It entails writing, editing and polishing a short story in a month, unlike NaNo which involves projectile vomiting out a large number of words to hopefully form some sort of rough draft of an entire novel. Of course the word-vomiting will occur, it will just be restricted to week 1 – the draft-writing week. After that it’s all reading, reviewing, critiquing, feedback receiving and editing. Fun times.

Now I’ve just got to decide which story to write and, you know, write the thing.

Oh, right, and here’s a link to the site (it’s not exactly on the same scale of partakers or professionalism as NaNo but, you know, good idea and all that) in case anybody else wants to have a crack: ShoStoWriMo

So, who’s with me?

(Just to draw your attention to it – that gorgeous image is a photograph by Tony Ramos – if you click on it, the link will take you to a site where you can purchase it. Good, eh?)


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