The Other Wedding

When Lydia entered the church for her wedding, she found herself disappointed, for only 7 of the 56 people invited had made it. That number included herself, her groom, one of her bridesmaids, the best man and the vicar. There were only 2 guests. When the date of the Royal Wedding was announced, she had considered changing the date of her wedding, to avoid the clash, but everything had already been booked by then. Besides, why would her family and friends miss her special day to watch that of a stranger on TV?

She’d soon learnt that she would have to walk down the aisle alone because her dad, a devout republican, had felt that attending any wedding on such a day would be to give his support to the monarchy and their tax-payers-money-wasting ways.

Lydia had disagreed. ‘But surely by going to a different wedding, my wedding, your daughter’s wedding, you’d be stating  your lack of support for choosing that over witnessing theirs. In fact, by missing my wedding as a direct consequence of theirs, your acknowledging, or rather allowing, the royals’ affect on your life.’ Her argument was not successful and her mum had backed out in support of her husband. She always voted like him.

Her matron of honour had refused to leave the house when the taxi arrived to take them to church. (They had to get a taxi because the driver they had booked had pulled out, taking his white rolls royce with him.) She had said that she didn’t want to miss seeing Kate Middleton walking down the aisle, as she was desperate to see her dress. ‘But this is my wedding’ Lydia had wanted to scream but that didn’t matter. After all, Rose had already seen Lydia’s dress.

So when Lydia walked down the aisle, she could only expect 12 eyes to watch her. She made the most of the ‘ooh’s, the ‘aah’s and the ‘doesn’t she look beautiful’s as she approached her husband-to-be but when she heard someone mentioning her already looking like a princess, she glared out from beneath her veil at the small group clustered around the vicar. When she reached them, she tried to peer over her uncle’s shoulder but he was too engrossed to move and give her a clear view. Then she caught a glimpse.

They were watching the Royal Wedding on an iPad.


4 thoughts on “The Other Wedding

  1. Not only did this make me giggle, and feel bad for giggling at her expense, but it also made think about the people who really did do this. There must have been people who did. Wow, this poor girl has my luck. 😉


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