Financial Failure and Literary Wealth

I wasn’t going to do a post today (no, not even a Friday Flash) what with it being Good Friday and all (I was brought up a Christian so it seemed wrong to post something unrelated but I didn’t want to post something religious, either) but so much happened yesterday that I couldn’t not. Well, I could have posted something yesterday but I was chilling with my parents, you know? Sometimes, family has to come first. Only when you don’t see them very often and this is your first meeting in a while. (Sorry Jesus.)

Yeah, so, yesterday. It was an unlucky day in financial terms but a rich day in writing terms. I got the train home and when the ticket inspector came round it turned out that my railcard had expired in 2010 – shows how often I use it – so my ticket was invalid and I had to buy an open on-the-day single for £55. (I did try to reason with him and offered to pay the difference between an advance adult ticket, if I’d bought that on the day I bought my ticket, and the railcard ticket I had but it turned out he’s kinda a dick – I wasn’t gonna do the whole ‘I’m gonna be mean about you in my blog’ thing so scrap that – he cared a lot about doing things by the book in his job and I’m sure he finds this very fulfilling. Also I was in the wrong for buying a ticket with an invalid railcard.) I’m not exactly raking it in with my cheap-chain-pub kitchen job so this turn of events was less than ideal for me.

Next I missed the fast Amersham train at Baker Street by seconds. When I looked at the screen at Baker Street to find out which platform it would be, the wait time said ‘ready’ so I ran but the train had just left. The next train was in 20 minutes. OK, that’s not a really a long time but most trains in London are every 2 minutes or so, so I was pretty gutted.

On the flip side, train journeys are awesome for writing, right? I get so bombarded with inspiration – new ideas and things I can use for stuff I’m already working on – I can hardly keep up with writing them all down. This was particularly true of yesterday. I wrote a sample of dialogue between the two protagonists of the novel I’m pre-writing, inspired by my situation and overheard a small child’s response to her mum’s phone call, which I found rather illuminating, in  a way. I’ll share that with you guys in a few days, I hope. Then I had another eureka moment about people and therefore characterisation which gave me an idea for a new story.

Swings and roundabouts I guess.


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