The Modern Monster

Image by BrianT

‘Oh! You scared the shit out of me,’ she gasped.

‘Sorry,’ he mumbled.

‘No, it’s –. I’m sorry. It’s just –. Sorry.’ She gave him a weak smile then turned and continued walking home, a little faster and more agitated than before. He watched her for a moment then walked away in the opposite direction, his shoulders slumped. Neither looked back at the other.

*          *          *

Fuck me I’m tired. Woods? What if I get raped or –. Oh come, on, how likely is it? You’re just scared by media hype. You’re more likely to get run over or hit by lightning or mauled by a dog. Seriously. Besides, you smell like kitchen. Do you really think someone’s gonna want to rape you? Can you really be bothered to walk all the way around? After tonight? It’s gone 2am. No-one’s going to be around. OK fine. Fucking dark in here, though.

*          *          *

Stupid bitch. What is her problem? Such a fucking cock-tease. Everyone knows what ‘coffee’ means. Changed her mind? Who does that? Chuck me out with a boner crushed in my jeans. Cheers for that, you frigid fuck. I’ve had it with all of them. It’s my right, as a man. There’d better be some hot girl in these woods. I don’t care if she wants it or not. I don’t give a shit anymore. Not now. It’s my fucking right. Oh here we go. Pretty one, too. She must want it – wouldn’t be all alone in the woods at night if she didn’t – I mean, come on, why else would she be? Literally asking for it. Begging, even. Am I doing this then? Really? Yeah, fuck it.


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