Just the Wind

She is in there with him. Why him? I cannot bear it. Why him? He is nothing. He is no good. No good for you. I love you, I have always loved you. I know we can never really be together. I know that. It’s just. This torment. I’ve never known it rage so. There have been others, yes, there are others that I care for, that I love even but not like this. Not with this desperate, all-consuming violence.

We used to play together. I would throw her hair in her face and she would laugh and throw it back. As she got older, I got bolder, cheekier. I would flirt with her skirt, pulling it up. She would just laugh and laugh and laugh. She never got angry with me. Only the other day I stroked her hair, so that it streamed out behind her like a golden river, or a flame, a dancing flame, dancing with me.

Has she forgotten? Already? In there with him?

I will howl through the walls. I will smash in the windows. I will break down the door.

She will know me.

*          *          *

‘It sounds like the wind’s gonna blow the house down. It’s really howling out there. Almost sounds…tortured or something.’

‘What are you talking about, babe? The wind isn’t tortured. It’s the wind.’

‘But it sounds so–‘

‘It’s just the wind.’

‘Yeah, I guess. Of course you’re right. It’s just the wind.’


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