The Ultimatum

Tonight was a special night for Lindsey, and indeed for her date, George. Not because of the date in itself – they’d been on a few of those. It was more to do with what would come after the date, or rather, in the last leg of the date, back at Lindsey’s house. Now, I’m not talking about sex, alone, although it is involved – they’d been doing that for almost a month, now. No, it was because of Lindsey’s method of determining whether or not she were in a relationship or merely dating on a casual basis. You see, the very thought of sitting a guy down and talking about all of that made her skin crawl and her stomach threaten to ejaculate its contents. So, she had another way. Tonight was the night that she would –.

‘Nice place.’ George grinned at the hallway.

‘Cheers.’ Lindsey grabbed his hand. ‘Let’s go upstairs.’

In the lamp-light of her bedroom, they kissed, tasting and feeding each other’s hunger. Their hands explored the contours and features of the other’s body. Lindsey tugged at his top, yanking it over his head and messing up his hair. Her hands caressed his smooth, toned skin then fumbled with his button and fly. He reached around her back to the zip on her dress then ripped it down before sliding the straps off her shoulders. Her dress skimmed her body, ending up crumpled at her feet. She stepped backwards out of it and fell onto the bed, pulling him with her. His hand slithered into her lacy knickers.

‘What the –?’

Lindsey smiled at him, then gently removed his hand, frozen in her pants. She scooted under his body to the edge of the bed and stood up, then dropped her knickers to the floor. The string of her tampon hung between her thighs.

‘I’m…well…it’s only a bit. Do you mind?’

‘You’re on your period?’

‘Yeah, but, as I said, it’s only a bit. Really. I can go take this out — in the bathroom,’ she snuck in, before his horrified expression could set, ‘and then we could…you know… Or,’ she sighed, ‘we could leave it.’

George gaped up at her, as she fiddled, obliviously, with the string. ‘Er…’


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