The Family Business


‘Er, dad? I er need to claim something on expenses.’


‘See I had to buy this one a few gifts to er convince her of my love and all that.’

‘Hmm, now, you know I’m not keen on you doing that.’

‘I told you, don’t worry. She’ll be worth it, trust me. She’ll have made that money back in no time.’

‘You not had any more trouble with her, then?’

‘Oh, no, I took care of it.’

‘Took care of–?

‘Yeah, you know, I did a bit of…er…quality control.’

Bogdan chuckled, shaking his head.

Encouraged, Marius went on. ‘Yeah, you should have seen the look on her face, dad. “But you said you loved me!”‘

‘What was it you said to the other one? That you had a job? A job lined up for her or…’

‘Yeah, yeah as a cleaner. Well, it’s sort of true, right? I mean, she cleans them out, as it were.’

‘Cleans their wallets out, too, that one.’

‘Yeah, yeah, they’re spent in two senses of the word.’

‘But seriously, Marius, I’m not sure I like all this sampling of the product. I know, I know, you’re young and it’s natural for – I mean these are attractive girls and, well, we all have needs, I’m telling you, if I were your age –‘

‘That doesn’t matter, dad, you’re much younger than some of our clients.’

‘Ah, well, but still, Marius, I don’t like it.’

‘Look, dad, I only do it to keep them in order. OK, sometimes, I admit, things get a little out of hand but you can’t blame me for that. As you said, it is only natural… And what with all the hours I’m putting into this business, I don’t have much spare time to er…you know.’

‘Yes, yes.’

‘Besides, I thought we were doing this for me.’

‘Of course we–‘

‘And, you know, it does benefit the business – I mean, we can’t have our girls acting up. And it’s so convenient – for me. Do you see what I mean?’

‘Yes, OK, just don’t wear them out too much, OK? No-one wants a horse too worn out to ride, right?

‘Sure, dad, you’re the boss.’

‘And you’re just the kid with all the bright ideas…convincing the whore you love her, what next?’


2 thoughts on “The Family Business

  1. Wow, this is dark. You don’t think so until you get near the end and you realize what the two ‘men’ are discussing. And then the mind wonders. Too sad, too true. Peace…

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