Inflated Boredom

So, inflation. Everything’s going to be more expensive – especially basics like food and fuel. Well, everything except employees, it seems – why pay someone more when they’re so damn lucky to have a job in the first place, ungrateful slackers. No but the cost of living will be going up and income will not so I guess we should all be worried. Thing is, though, I’m not. To be honest, I’m just bored of this whole recession thing. It’s like nothing the economy does could surprise or bother me any more. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently become aware of how unsackable I am – we’re majorly understaffed and although unemployment is growing like a weed, no-one seems to want to work in my job (I guess no-one’s desperate enough…yet), plus I’m the second most experienced member of kitchen staff in there. So, yeah, I guess there are perks after all.

Even so, it’s not like I get paid a lot – not enough to feel complacent about inflation. And yet, I am. I just don’t care any more. Oh, my gas bill has gone up by £20 a month and I have to spend any extra £30 on food a week (I’m making this up – I have no idea how much it will go up by in reality) and I have to be out of my overdraft by June or the bank will start draining my account, too… Oh well. I should budget for stuff – work out exactly what I can afford/ how much I can spend on food, etc or start reading Martin’s Money Tips – if I was sensible or clever I would but I’m too bored by it all to bother. I’m poor and I’m going to be poorer. So what’s new? This isn’t new. It’s a continuation of the same boring story and you know what? It’s getting old.


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