Barre Work

Why? Why do I do this? Nice ‘seated spinner’, now drop into a developpe. You know exactly why. But it’s so degrading, so beneath -. Higher. Get that leg -. Look, you’re dancing. For money. You’re a professional dancer, that’s the main -. Paint a large circle with your toe, round to the back. You earn a living doing what you love – a comfortable, no, luxurious living. Well, the money is -.  Arabesque? No – go all out – go for a… lovely penché. Hold his gaze. Ugh, I’m not a piece of -. Smile. I’m a trained ballerina, reduced to -. Stop looking at me like -. Saucy saucer eyes. And up. Now for another lift. The pole is your ballerino. Fish dive? ‘Knee-hold’ they call it. Not exactly the most imaginative -. Ahow! Could not hold that any longer. Whew. A slow tour de promenade to catch my breath. Keep your posture. Can’t believe I have to wear this ridiculous -. Smile, smile at the pervert. The stupid, fool throwing money at -. Up again and into a ‘chair spin’. Lines? Drop your shoulders. Down again. Quick grand battement de Côté just to make them jump and straight into another penché…hold his gaze. Ah! Smile. Money down my -. Keep smiling. They wouldn’t tip you at the Royal -. Roses, maybe. Now a reverence to thank him. Eyes up. Hold his gaze. Smile.


2 thoughts on “Barre Work

  1. Very good Louise. I love the juxtaposition of ballet and stripping, or pole dancing (or whatever it’s called). I love all the ballet jargon — it makes the scene pop. The contrast between the elegant movements and language of ballet with the seedy reality of what she’s doing is wonderful. Good one!

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