Caught in the Act

Sitting on the toilet, waiting for your bladder to finish emptying, you contemplate the lock situation. Surely, if someone else wanted to use the toilet while you’re in there, they’d knock. No one would just burst in on you – not with that ‘broken lock, sorry for any inconvenience’ sign on the door. What if they were blind though – the sign wasn’t in braille. But then what would it matter – it’s not like they’d see anything. Still be kind of embarrassing. What would you do? Try to finish before they got to the loo itself and sneak out of the way, undetected? You smother a snigger at the thought. How likely is it that a blind person will just walk into a toilet? Well, it is a disabled loo. Still, though, no – they’d knock and you’d call out. What, though? You could go for a sing-song ‘occupied’ or the less formal ‘I’ll be out in a minute’. Or you could go with a panic-tinged ‘wait!’ or even a simple ‘no!’ Or you could go for the rather blunt ‘I’m doing a wee!’

Finished. You rip off some loo roll and stand to wipe.

Knock, knock, knock.

What are you going to say? What does it matter? Just yell something. Anything. Now.

Too late.

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