This is not the blog post I’d intended to write

I was supposed to be posting about MAs and all that – how I’ve finally managed to choose which courses I’m going to apply for and how horrible that whole process was. And I had written most of that post – it as a fair enough post – but then I was interrupted half-way through (maybe not half-way exactly – I should say part-way but that sounds kind of pretentious to me – trying to be uber accurate and not say ‘half’ because it probably isn’t – although, this bracketed aside does the same thing and so is probably just as pretentious. Meh) by my boyfriend coming home – I’m sitting in the lounge and our front door opens into this room so there was no avoiding that – and when I finally got back to it after allowing myself to procrastinate with him by watching links he found on B3TA, something stopped me from continuing.

It was this thought: why would anyone want to read this? Or, in more teen-angsty terms: why would anyone care about this? OK, people going through the same thing might and then people who will be soon or have been recently or perhaps just people will read it without really thinking about why or whether or not it’s especially interesting. I guess I just don’t want to be another boring blogging author nobody really cares about – and by ‘nobody’ I do of course mean strangers on the internet or the human race at large, or rather a lack thereof. I want a following of people who aren’t my dad, brother or a friend in some sense of the word (oddly enough it’s not my close friends who read this but other people I know) including people I’ve ‘met’ (conversed with kind of) on the internet. After all, isn’t the purpose of a blog to ‘meet’ or ‘befriend’ large numbers of people on the internet in one go – rather than chatting to them all online individually? No, it’s not just to ‘meet’ them – well, to a lot of bloggers I guess it is – or rather, for them to ‘meet’ you – you want to be known by people who you don’t know (what’s that all about, anyway? the need people have to post bits of their lives on the internet for strangers to read? There must be a school of psychology that looks into this…) but for me it’s also to create a following of people who will a) want to read my work and b) buy my book when I’ve written and published it. I’m trying to create future ‘fans’ I guess – not in the sense of a teenage girl is a fan of Justin Bieber but just someone who would buy something written by me because it’s written by me – would even seek out stuff I’ve written – including in the library so I guess it’s not really about the money. What I really fear, in a way, is being one of those people who mindlessly blogs about their life when no-one cares. I want to write blogs people will want to read – witty, insightful, even unique. Different, I guess is what I really want my blog posts to be.

Is this different?

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