Back Alley Taxi Ranks and the Miraculous Mr Audit

So, remember how I owed that lovely taxi-man money? Well, I finally managed to pay him – succeeded on the second attempt. That’s right, the second attempt, meaning my first was a failure. How? Well, after a brief bicker with my boyfriend (I get irritable when I’m tired) we drove up there – it was tucked away amidst warehouses and back alleys – not the best place for a taxi rank – but anyways, we got there. There was an office where they were taking calls and a sort of lobby area – no chairs or anything like that – it clearly wasn’t meant for customers so I was kinda at a loss as to where to go or who to approach. After a while a barefoot guy came out of the office looking as confused to see me as I was to be there. I explained the situation, which, if anything, seemed to intensify his confusion – apparently not many people were honest enough to do this and it was very good of me. So good, in fact, he told me to come back the following day. To be fair, I didn’t have any change smaller than a £20 note but come on. I had taken the time out of my oh-so-busy day to find this dump – I could easily have not done – in fact, that would be much easier – but no, I had come with money and now he was telling me to come back tomorrow. Did he think my goodness had no limits? How wrong he was.

Well, I guess he wouldn’t believe that, seeing as I did go back the following day. Not that he was there – there was someone else, who seemed to have been expecting me. Expecting me. That peeved me, I have to say. To have the cheek to expect me to come back having been turned away. This time, I’d even made sure to have change, so my second attempt was a success. I think I’d felt guilty about not having change the day before. To think that I would be made to feel guilty about that when I had made the effort to come with money.

Oh and, this is in no way connected, but remember, as well, about the fryers being broken? Apparently on Monday (I was off) the final fryer broke. Hahahahahahaa. Worked today though – we even got another one fixed. You cannot understand how good it was to have 2 working fryers. And the guy was fixing a third when I left. Amazing.

What wasn’t amazing, however, was the audit man’s time-keeping skills. When I started work, I was told some chief audit guy was due in at 11.30 that morning, so I spent the morning cleaning at every available opportunity and feeling rather stressed. What time did he decide to swan in? Well, he was in the pub at about 2:40pm but didn’t make it to the kitchen until gone 3. I’d also been expecting someone external and, you know, important. It was just some guy, who’s been in before, with our area manager, who I’m going to rename….Jessica because I think she looks more like a Jessica than what she’s really called. No idea what Mr Audit was called so I’ll just call him Mr Audit. My kitchen manager, Alex, was supposed to be on his split then but had to come back in case they wanted to moan at him (and he was on a bastard of a split that day, anyway: 6am-2pm, 5pm-finish [officially midnight but it’s not uncommon to be 2am]). But a miracle occurred – they couldn’t find anything to moan about. I couldn’t believe it. Normally, Jessica would not leave until she’d found something to moan about – no matter how insignificant. But apparently not. So that was a plus.

Another plus: I’m going to watch Back to the Future at the cinema later tonight. Imagine that! Back to the Future, yeah, at the cinema. Big screen, surround sound, popcorn. It’s going to be immense.


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