I Needed that Tea

Not only did I just try to pour sugar in my mug, rather than the sugar pot, which needs refilling, but I then tried to make two cups of tea (one for myself and one for my boyfriend) in one mug – i.e. 2 tea bags in one mug. Managed to rectify both would-be-fatal errors at the last millisecond. Hm, I wonder if ‘2 tea bags 1 mug’ could be the next SpankWire phenomenon. It would work, if you think about it, because the tea bags could be, well, you know, and the mug could be the wannabe-porn-star/ victim. I should probably stop thinking about this and start drinking the tea before my brain is killed off by the lactic acid that must be swamping it – hence the rambling.

(Disclaimer: I had to ask my boyfriend which site ‘2 girls 1 cup’ was on – it’s not the sort of thing I know – although I obviously have heard of it. Who hasn’t? [If you haven’t, please do not look it up, for your eyes’ sake.])


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