How do you Research Yours?

This kind of links in to my previous posts: Learning from Short Story Competition Winners and Read Yourself Free (perhaps I should have written these as a series…). After all, reading and learning from your reading to enrich what you’re writing is research. It doesn’t have to involve looking up a particular fact to make sure your writing is accurate.

Here are the methods I use to research:

  • Reading other stories, particularly competition winners
  • Searching Google for a particular fact (it’s not everything but it is an inescapable part of it.)
  • Google Images (especially for descriptions – I just find it helpful to have an image to start from.)
  • Google Maps
  • BBC News (also great for ideas – my last Friday Flash, ‘Just Playing’ was based on this news story.)
  • Going to the place my story is set (if I can – some of my stories are set locally.)
  • My experiences and memories and those of others (I don’t generally interview, as such, but will use what has come up in conversation.)

There are probably more that I do so naturally I haven’t even thought of them, but you get my point.

I might write a series about this – going into each one in more depth – but only if there’s interest, so let me know what you think. Also, if you can think of any that I’ve overlooked, please say and I’ll add them.


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