Remember those revision timetables your teachers told you to do back in school when you had exams looming? Well, I actually used to do them. I made these revision timetables and they must have worked because I do remember spending a lot of time revising and I did do well in my exams. Now, though, I’m not doing so well…in life – as in getting stuff done in general. I already admitted to being something of a procrastinator. (Want to know how I procrastinated hours away today? Tough, I’m telling you: I researched natural methods of cleaning – got all confused about bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice and lemon essential oil and vinegar and something that may or may not have been banned because they’re selling substitutes for it now, which I find rather worrying…)

Anyways. It occurred to me that if I could do a revision timetable and actually revise and do well, then, why can’t I do an everything timetable and actually get stuff done and do well, now?

So, I googled ‘sample revision timetable’, just for a wee reminder, and found this rather useful site (must be a rich school to have a website and all, or maybe things have just changed since I was a girl). I’m going to follow the advice – substituting ‘subjects to revise’ for ‘tasks to do’ – and see how I get on.

Who’s with me?

P.S. Shame I can’t contact Mr Conroy if I get stuck.


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