Another Confession

You might have noticed I posted twice on Monday. I’m just that eager. No I’m not – it’s all a lie. Time to confess. You see, when I first started this website/ blog I found that all my ‘writing time’ (not that I have an allocated amount – I’m not that organised) was spent on it. I never wrote anything else. Stories, one in particular, were being neglected. So, I decided to have a ‘blogging day’ a week – write all the week’s posts in one day and schedule them to be posted throughout the week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, specifically. Look down on me for this if you choose. I work full time (48 hours last week, I believe – random example, there) so my ‘writing time’ is limited. I need to free up the rest of the week to get down to any other writing. I’m not a writing robot – I also have to cook, do laundry, wash up, even clean my house on the rare occasion.

So, what went wrong on Monday? I made an error – I scheduled two posts for one day. One should have been for today – the first one, oddly enough, about learning from short story competition winners and the other for Monday.

I guess you should all think yourselves lucky – getting an extra post this week. Not that this one is all that insightful or interesting.


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