I cannot escape you. I have no privacy. I can never be alone.

I am trapped by the constant presence of you all, of everything in the world, living and not. I press in and around you all: smothering your skin, crammed into you, into every outer-molecule and cannot get away. You invade me as I swallow you up.

Worst of all is when the living among you force me inside you, absorbing me into your bodies. Sometimes you snatch me and force me inside. Most of the time you suck me in without even being aware of it.

You pollute me with your presence. I keep you alive. I separate you from each other, enable you to be individual. I give you what you deny me.

You feel my touch, use me to live and are mostly oblivious to me.

I cannot escape you.


One thought on “Omnipresent

  1. I liked this, particularly the line ” I separate you from each other, enable you to be individual.”

    I tried to guess what the narrative voice was, and for a while thought it was oxygen or air itself, but I’ll admit I’m not certain. Of course it doesn’t have to be anything, just a 1st person voice remonstrating with the second person singular/plural.

    Good work.

    marc nash

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