Procrastination: Just Say No

Telling someone, including yourself, to just stop procrastinating and get on with it is about as helpful as telling an addict to just quit. You know you shouldn’t procrastinate, you know you should get on with whatever ‘it’ is but you can’t seem to make yourself.

One of my new favourite ways to procrastinate is to browse the ‘net about procrastination: why we do it and, more importantly, how to stop ourselves. There’s a lot of advice out there and at first I would believe in most of it. Thing is, though, I can’t seem to apply it. Some of it I do apply, for example, I now log my time-use. However, seeing as I procrastinate a lot, logging the vast amount of time I waste by procrastination tends to depress me. So, it doesn’t always work. Nowadays, I find myself reading advice and thinking: that’s great in theory but I know it wouldn’t work. It’s almost like I’ve given up on myself. Maybe I should just give in to the fact: I procrastinate.

Hello procrastinator’s anonymous, my name is Louise and I’m a procrastinator.

Would that do the trick? I doubt it. I mean, it’s not like I’m unaware or in denial about it. Procrastinators know they procrastinate, even when they’re not aware that they’re doing it at the time, they know that it’s something they do.

I’m tinkering with the concept that knowing why you are procrastinating at specific times might be the answer. Trouble is, stopping to ask yourself why you’re putting something off might be another form of procrastination – you are, after all, still delaying the getting on with it part. Hang on a minute, though, if that were procrastination, why would you want to put that off? Why would your mind turn away from it on impulse? Surely it would jump on it like a kitten on some wool if it were a form of procrastination. OK, so you would be delaying but it might turn out to be the last delaying act you do before truly being able to get on with it.

How do you do this, though? Asking is easy but what about answering? Could you even trust the answer?

More reasons not to do this – my brain is so against this idea, I’m almost convinced I’ve found the golden nugget of reason, so I’m giving it a try.

Music: off. I was enjoying that. Silence is kind of weird.

Closing eyes and thinking. Mind is wandering. Doesn’t help that I need to wee, now.

OK, you know what? I’m a writer. Thinking just doesn’t cut it for me, I need to write through my problems – that’s how I solve stories I’m stuck on.

So, that was rather revealing but I think it worked. (It was included in this post but it got a little too…personal, so I removed it.) I feel like it worked. I feel…motivated.

Have a go, yourself and tell me whether or not it worked out for you.


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