Frozen Yoghurt

‘Hi, sweetie, you must be Annabel.’ The camera-man looked up and grinned at the girl as she approached him.

‘Hi.’ She held out her hand, beaming. He shook it.

‘And you’ve done a few shoots before, right?’

‘Yeah. This will be my…this will be…my…’ Annabel formed her perfect thinking face …’twenty-third shoot.’

He raised his eyebrows. Annabel beamed again, making her blue eyes twinkle.

‘OK, great, let’s get to it, then. Could you stand by that big tree over there?’

‘OK.’ Annabel wandered to the tree, straightening the pink cardigan and stroking her blonde hair behind her shoulders.

‘Right, could you place your left hand on the tree and lean in to it a little…a little less…great. Lower your chin a little…lovely. OK, Annabel, I want you to look right at me but not like you’re looking at me, do you understand?’

‘Like I’m thinking about something else?’

‘Exactly. That’s perfect – hold it there. Great, keep holding…lovely. OK, could you purse your lips a little…relax your mouth a bit…part your lips a little…a little less…relax your shoulders…lovely, hold that. Great, great, one more… OK, thanks Annabel, I’ve got some lovely shots, there.’

‘All done?’

‘All done. You can go and get changed now.’

Annabel smiled at him as she stepped away from the tree.

‘I must say, you were very professional. You did very well. Sometimes it can be difficult.’ He looked up from his mid-disassembled camera.

‘Thanks. Bye.’ She waved then headed back to the studio.

Once changed into her Calvin Klein shirt-dress, she met her mum in the reception area.

‘Hello, darling, how did it go?’

Annabel took her mum’s hand as they left the studio and walked towards the Porsche Boxster. ‘S’ok. They made me wear pink on pink, though, which I don’t think looks very good, but I went along with it. It was outside, but that’s OK ’cause it’s warm enough today. I had to lean on this tree.’

‘Was he pleased with you?

‘Yeah. He said I was…’


‘Yeah, that’s it.’

When they reached the passenger side of the convertable, Annable’s mum opened the door and helped her climb into the safety-seat.

‘Mummy, I can do that myself, I am three now, you know, I’m not a little baby.’

‘OK, sweetie, if you say so. How about we stop off for some ice-cream on the way home, hm?’

‘Better not, mummy.’

‘Frozen yoghurt, then?’

‘Yeah. I want strawberry. Can I have strawberry?’

”Course you can, darling. Strawberry ice-cream for my little star.’

‘Strawberry frozen-yoghurt, mummy.’

‘That’s what I meant, princess. Strawberry frozen-yoghurt for my supermodel star.’

*               *               *

Inspired by this photo of ‘Rising Child Super Model’ Jordyn Morgan.


2 thoughts on “Frozen Yoghurt

  1. I knew something was up when you mentioned cardigans – not the usual association one has with the glamour world. Nicely paced and pitched just right tone-wise. Good job well done

  2. I’ll respectively disagree with Marc on the cardi front as I’ve seen loads in all the high street stores last time I ventured there (more’s the pity!)

    i thought she was a little girl at first because of the “Hi sweetie”, and then concluded I must be wrong, so you got me there! As Marc says, the tone reads spot on.

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