Confession re Ulysses

As you can see, my ‘Right now I am reading’ has changed. I gave up on Ulysses. To be honest, this is the second time I’ve tried and failed to finish it. Please don’t think it’s because I’m not enjoying it or that it’s too much for me or that I will never finish it. I will read it to the end because I was enjoying it. It’s not you, Ulysses, it’s me. See, at the moment, I only read during my breaks at work, which isn’t the ideal time to read the beautiful beast that is Ulysses. Then there’s the problem that I have these workbooks to fill out for work to get a promotion and there’s no way I’m gonna waste my at-home-time doing them, so I’m now doing them in my breaks. I should also add that I don’t tend to get full breaks at the moment – I devour some food and go back – because I don’t like leaving people alone in the kitchen and it tends to get busy when I go on a break.

Oh, by the way, the reason I stopped before (and I did pretty well – got half-way through) was because I lost my copy. I know, how can you lose Ulysses? It’s bigger than a brick. I don’t know but I did. Bought a new copy, hence the second attempt. Ah well, when my reading-situation is better, I will go for round three. Looking forward to it.


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