Writer’s Guilt

A writer’s life is grounded by guilt. There’s always something else you should be doing. If you’re writing, dirty pots are waiting in the sink, friends and family are being neglected, money is breaking out into the wild. If you’re doing anything else, you’re letting life get in the way of your writing.

By creating this new website, particularly the blog aspect, I’ve shot my kneecaps. Blogging is in the writing box in my head and therefore when I’m doing it, dirty pots are waiting, etc., but it’s in a separate compartment – it doesn’t quite count as writing, either, so when I’m blogging, I’m letting that get in the way of my writing. I should be writing, right now. Poor My Frog Prince has been wailing for my attention ever since I started cultivating this. Mummy’s busy, I keep telling him. You’re always busy, he wails in reply. He’s got that jealous-of-the-new-baby thing going on. What can I do? Newborns need more attention.

Then there’s the problem that I need to write to be able to update other parts of this site. If I’ve not worked on any of my works in progress, how can I change that page? I could lie, of course, but I’d rather not.

Of course, if you spend any time relaxing or doing something for fun, you’d better find something to hang on to because there is a tsunami of guilt roaring your way. You’ll survive but you’ll usually get swept away by it and then have to swim back to the wreckage. Then you’ve got the wreckage itself to sort out. Or you could just sink out in the sea.

Anything else I should feel guilty about?


One thought on “Writer’s Guilt

  1. God yes, the guilt! The guilt that is not often voiced out loud by spouses and companions, but can be seen in subtle ways.

    I did have the same guilt about working on my own blog too, I thought I spent too much time thinking about what I was going to say there instead of thinking about the particular story I was working on. And one of many reasons why I dropped writing one, I do miss it though.

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